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Postpartum Breast Oil

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Boost breast health with this oil blend that aids in the prevention and treatment of clogged milk ducts and helps to free lymphatic stagnation during lactation and beyond.

Directions: shake well and apply to breasts extending to armpits and shoulder joints. Using the heel of your palm, gently massage in circular motions. For clogged ducts, soak in a hot bath prior to application or use heating pad with cloth barrier. Massage well then immediately pump or nurse baby while placing pressure on clog.

Store away from sunlight. Best used within 12 months.

Offered in a 3 oz (88 ml) recycled plastic bottle with roll-on applicator.

Handcrafted in Virginia.

Full ingredient list: castor*, olive*, and sunflower* oils macerated with red clover*, rosemary*, calendula*, comfrey*, arnica*, and yarrow*, fenugreek oil*, broccoli seed oil*, evening primrose oil*, vitamin e oil, essential oils of tulsi and rose otto. *organic