Established in 2014 as Pan Natural Goods, La Lyra* was born out of a desire to make a natural insect repellent that could ward off the peskiest of mosquitoes in the deep country of Virginia. With great success, that insect repellent initiated the beginning of a small business that has evolved into a line of goods that is practical and relevant to our daily self-care needs. It simplifies what is necessary and fortifies it with beauty and elegance.

Presently, our offerings include soaps, candles, perfume, and skin care that are handcrafted in small batches in Richmond, VA. These formulations feature plant-based, organic ingredients and are made using traditional, folk methods. These methods require time and patience, which demonstrates the value of slowing down. Not only does this yield a thoughtful product, it imbues a sense of connection to the natural world. 

We aspire to serve you beyond the benefits of vibrant skin and smelling good. We hope our products help you find your own ways of slowing down and taking care. Only then, can we find the freedom to enjoy the magic of this lifetime.

*renamed in 2021 after the Lyra constellation, which depicts a lyre harp. The lyre harp is known to bring harmony to all who take the time to listen.