Due to the handcrafted nature of these products, there may be slight variations in appearance.

Examples of these variations include:

Soda Ash on bar soaps (a natural occurrence that appears white and chalky, but is completely safe to use)

Occasional specks of plant matter in our infused oils (frankincense resin and various loose leaf herbs are triple strained, but sometimes still find their way to the finished product)

The colloidal silver in our Restoration and Postpartum Restoration Mists may discolor the solution from clear to grey, however this is a normal reaction from the metal and remains safe and effective for use.

How long are these products good for?

If stored properly (in a cool, dark place), our bottled products are formulated to offer you about 20-30 months of use or more. Direct sunlight and heat can change the chemical composition of oils and lead to its premature spoilage so please store your items accordingly. There is no known expiration for bar soaps as long as they are stored in a dry environment. 

What is the fragrance staying power like for the Mood Mists and Earth Scent roll-ons?

Since we use essential oils to scent these products, the staying power will not be as strong as a synthetically produced fragrances would be. Most customer reviews indicate that the scent usually lasts 3-5 hours without having to reapply. Wearing natural perfume provides more of a gentle and noncommittal experience that allows for immediate enjoyment and gives you the option to reapply as your day progresses. We use anywhere from 5% - 15% of essential oils in our blends. Keep in mind that the scent experience is unique to each individual since natural oils mesh differently to your pheromones and different notes will remain with you longer than others.