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La Lyra



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Candles to serve you for any and all occasions. Choose from 2 varieties:

Whole Earth - sandalwood musk

Flower Shop - white amber jasmine

Our candles are made with an all natural coconut wax with a blend of essential oils and phthalate - free fragrance oils. Coconut wax is a wonderful alternative to soy and paraffin waxes because it is friendlier to our environment, free from toxic byproducts, and does not depend on the petroleum industry for production.

Candle Care: light on a level, fire-resistant surface away from children, pets, and curtains. For optimal use, allow entire surface area of wax to melt before snuffing. Trim wick to 1/4" and allow wax to solidify before relighting.

All candles are 8 oz and in a glass jar.

Handcrafted in Virginia.

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