Space Healing 3 Hour Active Session

Space Healing 3 Hour Active Session

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These active sessions are in-person appointments that take place at your home or business within a 25 mile radius from 23236 zip code. They are offered in 3 or 6 hours time blocks and include removal of any donations. This listing is for the 3 hour block.

I suggest booking a consultation before an active session so that we both have a better understanding of specific goals, however it is not necessary. A 15 min phone call will be scheduled by e-mail after this booking is complete to briefly discuss what there is to tackle.

An active session includes:

  • dedication to a specific room(s)
  • removal, sorting, and filtering of items
  • making decisions about items of question (save, donate, sell, or toss)
  • re-orienting the room's layout and furniture positioning
  • cleaning! not a deep clean, but wiping down of newly cleared surfaces, sweeping, etc
  • disposal of trash, recycling, and donations
  • homework and supplemental suggestions will be e-mailed within a week of the active session date

Not sure which time block to choose and how long this will all take? Depending on the size of the space and volume of its needs, jobs may require multiple sessions to complete. Below are some approximate hours of previous jobs:

complete overhaul of kitchen: 6-12 hours

bedroom: 3-6 hours

business backroom: 10-18 hours

studio: 6-12 hours